In an effort to continue providing the best possible support to students, PB Tutoring will be running a number of short courses and workshops throughout the year, aimed at increasing student proficiency and skills in core areas of the English Syllabus. Please see below for all upcoming workshops and important information regarding these.

Upcoming Workshops

Intensive Essay Writing Workshop


Length:            3 Hours

Date/Time:       1pm - 4pm, Friday 24th January 2020

Location:         Mortdale Community Centre

                          2b Boundary Rd, Mortdale NSW

Year Level:      Year 11 and 12

Cost**:             $150 per student for the three hour seminar, 50+ page resource booklet and at-home follow up support

Details:             This is an intensive seminar style course, dedicated towards providing students with specific information and skills necessary to excel in essay writing. Course content will cover preliminary planning of essays (including deconstructing questions, essay plans and adapting to questions), essay writing skills (including argument development, essay structure and analytical skills), and tips and tricks for revision and essay enhancement (including self-marking, peer marking, evaluative language skills and ALARM review). All content will be tailored towards the new syllabus HSC content. 

Students will also receive a complete 50+ page resource booklet, including at-home revision exercises to supplement workshop content and assist them in improving their essay writing abilities.

Craft of Writing Workshop


Length:            2.5 Hours

Date/Time:       10:15am - 12:45pm, Saturday 1st February 2020

Location*:        Oatley Library Hall

                          26 Letitia Street Oatley

Year Level:      Year 12

Cost**:             $125 per student for the three hour seminar, 40+ page resource booklet and at-home follow up support

Details:             This workshop is specifically designed to help students understand and navigate the requirements of the new syllabus module 'The Craft of Writing'. Students are provided with an overview of the module specifications, and are taken carefully through the key skills necessary in order to refine their writing capabilities and succeed with the unique prescriptions of this course. Specifically, students are taken through the imaginative, persuasive, discursive and reflective writing forms, core comprehension skills for deconstructing complex questions and textual extracts, and provided with a vast array of tips and tricks to help ensure a thorough understanding of the module is gained.

The workshop will be supplemented by a resource booklet summarising key content and an extensive assortment of practice exercises to help further enhance their writing skills.

Exam and Study Technique Workshop (for the new syllabus)


Length:            2 Hours

Date/Time:       3pm - 5pm, Thursday 23rd January 2020

Location*:        Oatley Library Hall

                          26 Letitia Street Oatley

Year Level:      Year 11 and 12

Cost**:             $100 per student for the two hour seminar, resource booklet and at-home follow up support

Details:             The change in the syllabus structure and its shift away from pre-prepared responses has resulted in a situation where many of the core study techniques students have developed through junior years are no longer effective. This workshop has been carefully designed to help combat these shortfalls and arm students with the necessary skills and approaches to English study to help ensure success in senior years. The workshop covers a comprehensive and interactive array of study methods, memorisation skills, time management and exam techniques, supplemented by a resource booklet and extensive array of at home follow-up tasks to help students put their knowledge into effect and achieve their personal best.


Please note that all workshops will run subject to interest. Places will be limited with positions offered on a first in, first served basis, so please register your interest for relevant workshops as soon as possible!

These courses are not exclusively for PB Tutoring students, and as such we encourage you to share information about upcoming workshops with peers. A 10% discount off workshop costs applies to all student referrals, so feel free to invite your friends and save!

* Both the Craft of Writing and Study Skills workshop bookings are tentative and subject to confirmation

** Costs listed are current estimates and may be subject to change based on student numbers and location requirements. 

Important Information

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