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PB Tutoring offers a range of services for high school and university students, including weekly tuition at our premises, essay writing seminars, targeted skills and content based workshops, and numerous online options for assignment editing and feedback.

HSC Tutoring

At PB Tutoring we specialise in HSC and Preliminary HSC English tuition. Our tutors have extensive knowledge of course content and materials, and tailor teaching methods to effectively prepare each student for the HSC exams.

A large focus is placed on exam technique and higher order thinking, with classes covering a range of core English skills including essay writing, thesis construction, responding to questions, comprehension, creative writing and technical analysis.

One-hour lessons are run on a weekly basis with options for 1:1 or small group lessons in order to provide students with regular feedback and assistance.

Our HSC tutors are available 24/7 through our numerous online outlets to address student needs and provide extra assistance where needed.

High School Tutoring

We offer comprehensive English tutoring for students in years 7 to 11.

Course materials cover a range of content that has been specifically tailored to suit school curriculums and help students achieve the highest possible results.

A large focus is placed on developing necessary skills for the senior English course, with classes covering a range of topics including essay writing, exam techniques, thesis construction, comprehension, creative writing and technical analysis.

Classes are designed to suit individual needs, with 1:1 or small group options available. One-hour lessons are run on a weekly basis to provide students with regular feedback and assistance.



We run a number of intensive workshops throughout the year, aimed at helping students fine-tune their English and writing capabilities. For more information on the specific workshops and their running dates, please see our workshop section.

University Assessment and Essay Proofing

We offer tertiary assessment proofing across a range of courses, as well as general essay proofing.

Our tutors providing detailed, line-by-line feedback based on key marking criteria including clean copy (ensuring correct grammar, punctuation and spelling), essay structure and formatting, thesis construction, argument development and academic referencing.

We pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy, with feedback being provided within 72 hours of payment being received.

For more information, please contact us.

  • Why Choose PB Tutoring?
    PB Tutoring is dedicated to providing quality teaching that helps students develop an understanding of course specific content, underlying principles of essay writing and exam techniques. Our focus on the unique strengths and weaknesses of the individual allows us to instil a genuine understanding of content in students and helps them achieve their personal best. For more information of why you should choose PB Tutoring, click here.
  • What subjects do you offer?
    At PB Tutoring, our primary focus is English and essay writing tuition for high school and university students. Coaching in other HSC subjects may be available upon request. We also provide essay proofing services across a wide array of university subjects.
  • Why do I need English tutoring?
    English is often the subject that students have to work the hardest to understand as success is not based on formulas or memorising syllabus points. Rather, success in English is founded on literacy skills and critical thinking, which need to be fine-tuned and developed over time. Whether students are encountering difficulty with understanding texts, developing arguments, structuring essays, or simply seek to push the quality of their responses above and beyond expectations, PB Tutoring is here to help.
  • What are your tutors like?
    Currently, PB Tutoring has seven tutors on staff, who all work within the parameters of our main curriculum and lesson format as developed by our founder Paris. All of our tutors are highly skilled, professional and approachable, trained in helping students achieve success across a variety of areas. For more information about our tutors, please see the About section of the website. To find out more about Paris and her experience, click here.
  • How do I know if my child is improving?
    PB Tutoring has a policy of transparency, and thus is always happy to communicate with parents regarding student development. Formal requests for end of term or progress reports may be made by parents or alternatively one of our staff are always happy to respond to questions or provide updates via email or telephone.
  • How do you run your lessons?
    Unlike most tutoring businesses, our lessons are based on quality, individually-focussed work rather than generic content. We offer 1:1 or small group lessons where teaching material is tailored on a week-by-week basis, as determined by the needs and progress of the student.
  • Should I wait until year 12 to enrol?
    While year 12 is obviously the pinnacle year where English tuition is necessary, it is recommended that students enrol from year 10 or early year 11 to allow time for necessary skill sets to be developed.
  • How much does tutoring cost?
    For senior high school students (years 10-12), our lesson rate is $85 per hour for a 1:1 lesson or $60 per student per hour for a class lesson of two to three students. For junior high school students (years 7-9), lessons are $75 per hour for 1:1 lessons or $60 per student per hour for a class lesson of two to three students. For primary students, lessons are $70 per hour for a 1:1 lesson or $55 per student per hour for a class lesson of two to three students. Payments may be made on a weekly, fortnightly or full term basis.
  • How do I access your online resources?
    Once you enrol, you will be given a student login code, which gives you complete access to all of our resources. For external students, please feel free to contact us for further details about how to access online content.
  • Where are you located?
    We are currently located at 13a Opal Place, Padstow Heights. We offer sessions from our premises as well as through online platforms.
  • How do I enrol?
    All enrolment enquires should be directed to Paris, who is contactable via text or call on 0426 819 991.
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