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About PB Tutoring

Our Philosophy

At PB Tutoring, our highest priority is helping students achieve their personal best.


Our philosophy is founded on the belief that all individuals have the potential to attain results that exceed expectations, an ideal which drives our teaching practices and course materials.


Unlike most tutoring businesses, our focus is on you and your individual strengths and weaknesses, allowing us to provide tuition that will help you achieve the best possible results.


Other features that set us apart include:

  • A focus on teaching. 
    At PB Tutoring we don’t just know our stuff, we’re also able to teach it. Communicating effectively is our top priority to ensure that all information is easy to understand for students.


  • Skills focussed lessons.
    When it comes to English tutoring, writing, comprehension and exam skills are often just as important as course content. Our lessons are structured to ensure that key skills are constantly developed.


  • Essay specialists.
    Our singular focus on English and humanities subjects makes us experts in essays.


  • Integrity in everything we do.
    At PB Tutoring, we pride ourselves on our honest, fair and approachable manner. We always welcome feedback from parents and students and do everything we can to make the tutoring experience as profitable and enjoyable as possible for every student.

Why Choose Us?

At PB Tutoring, our focus is on you and what we can do to help your child succeed and achieve their personal best.


What sets us apart from other companies is that we personally invest ourselves in the achievements of every student. More importantly, we recognise that there is a difference between knowing information and knowing how to teach it to our students.


For example, as English tutors we know that an essay is any short composition in prose that undertakes to methodically analyse and evaluate a matter. But that’s not going to mean very much to a student, so at PB Tutoring we tailor our teaching methods to each and every individual, enabling the best results to be achieved.

Take essay writing for example:

If your child loves science, we explain thesis statements as hypotheses and points of argument as the methodological steps taken to prove a premise.

For mathematically minded students, we explain essays as equations – a simple addition of parts to create a whole.

If your child is an avid fan of baking then essay writing will become a piece of cake… literally. Each layer of sponge is a body paragraph, and the thesis the thick layer of icing that links all the different parts together.


No matter what, we make meaning clear, with this approach leading to over 95 per cent of past students achieving a Band 5 or higher in HSC English.


Because at PB Tutoring, not only do we know what we’re talking about, we know how to teach it.

Meet Our Team

Paris Bosch

Proprietor and Senior English Tutor

I began working as an English and essay writing tutor in 2011, and in this time have supported over 500 students in their HSC and tertiary studies. I’m very passionate about what I do and am highly motivated, which drove me to independently open PB tutoring in 2013.


Prior to this, I spent two years working at three well-established tutoring companies simultaneously, an experience which granted me a unique insight into which tutoring methods achieve results and which are less effective. As such, I have a very pragmatic approach to teaching and am constantly revising my methods to consistently provide the highest calibre of tuition.


In terms of qualifications, I personally completed the HSC in 2010 receiving a result of 96 or above across English Advanced, Extension 1 and Extension 2,. I was also awarded a Premier’s Award for All Round Excellence in the HSC. I graduated from UNSW in 2014 at the top of my cohort with a Media and Communications degree.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 1.16.54 PM.png

I am a current student at Macquarie University, majoring in Psychology and minoring in English Literature. In addition to tutoring and my studies, I have spent the past four years working alongside two highly regarded speech pathologists, with this unique combination of experiences affording me with unparalleled insight into the skills and techniques needed to create a positive learning environment that caters to student success.

On a personal note, I chose to tutor English after having witnessed first-hand the successes and failures of individuals based on their ability to communicate their ideas to the world. As a tutor, I am given the rare opportunity to work with students one-on-one and give them the attention necessary for success. All lesson plans are carefully crafted for the individual student in mind, to ensure the time I spend with them is tailored to their needs and the best possible results are achieved. This is furthered by my personal studies, which ensure my knowledge of literature is constantly expanding and provides me with a unique psychoanalytic perspective on how to form an open, communicative and enriching learning space for my students

Faith Savellis

English Tutor

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