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Essay Questions

1. How has your study of texts enhanced your understanding of identity and culture through the composer’s use of language to craft a distinct voice


2. Has do composers use language to affirm or refute common cultural stereotypes?

3. Analyse how language is used in your prescribed text to express community identity.

4. Explain how a texts form contributes to the way it captures unique cultural perspectives. In your response make close reference to your prescribed text


5. Has your study of texts focusing on cultural voice affirmed or refuted common stereotypes? Explore how your Prescribed text communicates this


6. ‘To understand language is to understand the human connection.’ Discuss how connections between culture and identity are conveyed through the use of language in your Prescribed text.


7. Explain how the use of powerful images contribute to the representation of identity and culture in ACE’s poems


8. ‘What we know of the world is captured in the way we talk about it.’ In your answer, refer to your prescribed text.


9. How do texts use voice and other cultural signifiers to explore differences between groups of people? Respond with reference to your prescribed text..


10. How has your study of texts that explore cultural voices enhanced your understanding of individual identity? Respond with reference to your prescribed text.


11. How do composers use various qualities of language to create interest and draw us into the cultural experiences of others? In your response, refer to your prescribed text.


12. In what ways are culture and identity brought to life through the composer’s use of language, form and features in your prescribed text?


13. Composers deliberately craft language to create a specific point of view on culture and identity. How is this conveyed within your prescribed text?


14. Through the creation of powerful voices, composers encourage us to look at the world in new ways. To what extent do you agree? In your response make detailed reference to your prescribed text.


15. Language has the unique power to challenge understandings of identity and culture. Evaluate this statement in light of your study of one prescribed text.


16. Composers manipulate language to position the reader to elicit the preferred reading of a text, thus shaping audience understandings of others and the world in unique ways. How is this shown in your prescribed text?


17. Interesting views on cultural identity are revealed through the use of language. Explore how this concept is reflected in your prescribed text?


18. A deeper understanding of power and privilege emerges from studying texts that explore culture and identity. Do you agree? Support your view with detailed reference to your prescribed text.


19. The power of language lies in its power to portray challenging ideas about identity. How true is this statement in relation to your core text?


20. Language is shaped to be distinctive by composers in order to reveal the tensions between competing cultures and identities. How is this evident in your core text? 


21. One’s culture and identity can affect individuals in complex and varied ways. To what extent is this evident through your core text?


22. Language has the power to provoke powerful reactions from responders, thus deepening their understanding of the world. Discuss the powerful reactions provoked by language in your core text and how this has deepened your understanding of culture and identity.


23. Texts about cultural identity have the ability to fascinate, sadden, anger or inspire audiences. How is this evident in your core text?


24. Language can provoke audiences to question embedded notions of normalcy or challenge us to think in new ways. In what ways does your core text challenge you to think in new ways?


25. Through the use of language, composers can validate, challenge or disprove a responder’s beliefs about a particular aspect of society. How does the composer of your core text validate, challenge or disprove views on aspects of society?


26. Analyse how the composer’s use of language shapes and define ideas about community identity.


27. Through the use of language, composers create an inextricable connection with their audience on an emotional level, thus providing moving insights into the struggles of particular cultural groups. Assess this statement in relation to your core text.


28. Texts about culture and identity are memorable because they allow audiences to experience the reality of another’s situation. How is this concept seen in your core text?


29. Individuals and their situations are brought to life by the different techniques used by composers to express their unique visions. How is this concept reflected in your core text?


30. We are both entertained and informed by a composer’s use of language, thus providing us with better access into the worlds of their text. Assess the ways the composer of your core text both entertains and informs the audience.

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