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Study Skills and Exam Technique Workshop

Length:            2 Hours

Date/Time:       TBC

Location*:        TBC

Year Level:      Years 9, 10, 11 and 12

Cost**:             $110 per student for the two hour seminar, resource booklet and at-home follow up support

Details:             The change in the syllabus structure and its shift away from pre-prepared responses has resulted in a situation where many of the core study techniques students have developed through junior years are no longer effective. This workshop has been carefully designed to help combat these shortfalls and arm students with the necessary skills and approaches to English study to help ensure success in senior years. The workshop covers a comprehensive and interactive array of study methods, memorisation skills, time management and exam techniques, supplemented by a resource booklet and extensive array of at home follow-up tasks to help students put their knowledge into effect and achieve their personal best.

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