Holiday Timetable July 2022

Key Information

** Please read carefully before selecting your holiday lesson times! Holiday timetable can be found at the bottom of the page and ONLY WORKS ON DESKTOP SITE!! If you cannot see this, please refresh your browser. **


Individual Lessons

1. All individual lessons will run for 1 hour, unless otherwise arranged.

2. All students will initially be allowed to book ONE 1 hour session per week. Additional lesson times may be made available if not fully booked prior.

3. If due to extenuating circumstances you need to request a lesson outside of the available times, please contact me ASAP to see if this can be arranged.


Practice Exams 

1. Practice exams are intended to improve a student's ability to perform under examination conditions. This is a vital skill set that needs to be developed in order for optimal exam results to be achieved in Trials and the HSC.

2. Two types of practice exams will be made available during the break

  • Single module practice exams:

    • This will be a 45 minute ​exam, allowing 5 minutes reading/planning time and 40 minutes writing time.

    • As the name suggests, students sitting these exams will be assessed on ONE module only. This can either be pre-selected by the student or given at random on the day.

    • Single module practice exams will be run in the 45 minutes preceding a student's scheduled lesson time and are available for all sessions except the 7am slot daily (i.e. if your schedules lesson is at 10am, the practice exam will be run in a separate room under exam conditions from 915am until 10am). If you think you would like to do a single module practice exam, please avoid 7am booking times.

  • Full practice papers:

    • For the common module, this will be a 1.5 hour exam (including 10 minutes reading time), aimed at emulating the requirements of paper 1 in the Trial exam.

    • For the other modules, this will be a 2 hour exam (including 5 minutes reading time), aimed at emulating the requirements of paper 2 in the Trial exam.

    • Exams will end with a 10-20 minute discussion on what students found difficult and how they can improve their specific examination technique.

  • Practice exams are run via booking only. Please note places in full practice exams will be very limited. If you would like to book in to complete one of these exams please let me know ASAP

3. Costs for single module practice exams are $22. Costs for full practice exams are $33. All necessary materials will be provided to students on the day. Please note full line-by-line feedback on practice exams may be made available upon request and at an additional cost.

General Terms and Conditions

1. Lesson Bookings

  • Please select lesson times carefully. Once a lesson time is booked I cannot guarantee a swap will be possible.

  • Lesson times will be allocated on a first in, first served basis.

  • To book, please text me on 0426 819 991 as soon as possible.

2. Cancellations

  • Any changes made to scheduled lessons will require a MINIMUM 48 hours notice or cancellation fees will apply.

  • Please note these time frames are STRICT (i.e. if your lesson is at 3pm Wednesday, you must advise of a cancellation no later than 3pm Monday to avoid penalties)

  • Cancellation fees also apply to practice exams.

3. Student Responsibilities

  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure they arrive on time to all lessons. Sessions are running on a strict schedule and so class times cannot be extended if you are late. 

  • Students are also expected to complete all set work before the time of their scheduled lesson. This is the best way to ensure the most benefit is gained from lessons.

Please note that by booking in a lesson time you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined above.

Holiday Timetable

** PLEASE NOTE: Times may only be selected where they are noted as 'available' in green. If you need a time outside of what is available please contact me asap to arrange.

Bookings MUST be done by contacting me directly via call or text on 0426 819 991 at which point available times will be allocated on a first in, first served basis **

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Week 1 Holiday Timetable: 4th - 8th July

Comp Workshop
Adv Trial Prep
Std Trial Prep
Paris P

Week 2 Holiday Timetable: 11th - 15th July

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Paris P