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Creative Writing Skills Workshop

Length:            3 x 1.5 hour sessions (totalling 4.5 hours)

Date/Time:       TBC

Location*:        TBC

Year Level:      Years 10, 11 and 12

Cost**:             $250 per student for the three 1.5 hour sessions, 3x resource booklets and at-home follow up support

Details:             With the majority of student focus being placed on analytical writing in years 7-10, creative writing is unfortunately a key skill that is left neglected, resulting in negative outcomes in senior years where this topic has been reintroduced as a focus area. This workshop is specifically designed to combat this issue and help students develop the skills necessary for the new modules 'Reading to Write' in year 11 and 'The Craft of Writing' in year 12. Students are provided with a detailed insight into the three commonly tested forms in senior years, including persuasive, discursive and creative writing. Specific focus is placed on helping students understand the ways their writing needs to be shaped in order to receive the highest possible marks in creative tasks, with practice exercises being set and reviewed after each session to help develop writing confidence. 

The workshop will be supplemented by a resource booklet for each session, summarising key content learnt and providing an assortment of practice exercises to help further enhance their writing skills.

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