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PB Tutoring is dedicated to offering quality English and essay writing coaching for high school and university students

Our aim is to help all students achieve their personal best, an approach which has allowed 95% of past students to receive a Band 5 or 6 in HSC English 


How Do We Help You

Achieve Your Personal Best?

We're Experts in English

Unlike other companies, at PB Tutoring we specialise purely in the area of English, meaning our tutors are able to focus solely on the requirements of the English curriculum. Our students receive useful and relevant advice pertaining to core literary skills and techniques, as well as specific class content, enabling everything learnt to be relevant and readily applicable.


Small Classes, Focussed Attention, Personalised Feedback

Our classes are small, focussed and interactive, allowing for individual attention and highly personalised feedback for all of our students.

We Adopt An Individually Tailored Teaching Approach

All of our course material is concise, clearly structured and easy to learn from. However, rather than a prescriptive learning approach, all of this information is specifically modified to you and your individual strengths and weaknesses, therefore ensuring the most engaging and immersive learning experience possible.

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